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Our Mission

  • To provide original, creative costumes to the Belly Dance Community
  • To support dancers by providing affordable costumes that make them feel great!
  • To provide dancers with the costume of their dreams

What Bab's Designs Provides

Quality costumes at affordable prices. Pre-made and custom made available.  

If you are not creative, we will design a costume based on your ideas. We provide a free consultation to discuss your dream costume.  

Alteration Services - In addition to hemming, taking in or letting out costumes, we repair old and used costumes. We can recycle an old costume and turn it into a work of art..while saving you money! 

Bab's Designs Advantage

All costumes are one of a kind. No two costumes are made the same, unless requested (e.g. for duets or group performances).  

Valuable one-on-one time with our customers. Your needs are our top priority.  

We provide the same, if not better, quality at a more affordable price due to low overhead costs.  

Who is Bab's Designs

Bab's Designs was created by Shelly Baboolall. She has been belly dancing since 1990 and uses the alias "Shahallee" when performing.

Shelly began making her own costumes in 1991 after looking at some "interesting and odd" costumes at ridiculously high prices. She thought "I can make a better costume" and she did! Shelly's first costume was a gorgeous green and gold set with lots of fringe. It generated a great deal of interest from other dancers. After performing in this costume a few times, several local Toronto dancers asked Shelly who made it. When told that she did, they asked Shelly to make costumes for them. After a few years of making costumes for herself and other dancers, Shelly created Bab's Designs in 1996. Now Shelly designs costumes for dancers of all levels and styles from around the world.

Shelly's sewing background is family based. Her grandmother was a seamstress and taught Shelly how to sew. Her aunt is an independent designer who used to make bridal gowns for Ritche Bridal. She taught Shelly the tricks of the trade regarding beadwork. Her dad used to work for Singer and bless his heart taught Shelly how to use a sewing machine and not get frustrated or lose her temper.

Shelly wrote a costuming article for Mid-Bits, a Canadian Belly Dance Magazine created by Mayada for several years. If you are interested in making your own costume or have costume questions, feel free to read the articles. You'll find information on design ideas, keeping your costumes clean and techniques for beading.

If you have any questions or ideas for our site, please e-mail us at babs_designs@yahoo.com. Have fun looking at the site, especially the catalogue and remember, Bab's Designs doesn't just sell pre-made costumes, but will custom design a costume just for you!

Thanks for visiting Bab's Designs!


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